Set the page free

Project Set the Page Free was created to inspire Xerox’s rather apathetic target by sparking excitement and engagement with the brand through a culturally relevant activation.

There were several core objectives. One: Get people to pay attention, care and engage with Xerox. Two: demonstrate a huge range of exciting Xerox technologies. Three: Inspire action. Get people to sign up for Xerox emails and drive them to deeper engagement on and Xerox’s

The idea was simple: Put Xerox technology to the ultimate “modern workplace” test. And at the same demonstrate the true potential of what can happen when you “Set the page free”.

So, instead of turning to business experts and pundits, we took a quite different approach.  We enlisted 14 of the least collaborative, least office-y people on the planet… world-famous writers. Then posed an epic “work” challenge: On a tight deadline (a few short weeks) write the ultimate book on “the modern workplace” together from their very untraditional “offices”. They had complete creative freedom with just one rule: use Xerox technology to collaborate.