Prescription Fruits And Vegetables

Wholesome Wave

The Prescription Fruits and Vegetables Program allows doctors to write real prescriptions for free fruits and vegetables. This means there is finally a prescription that can help prevent diabetes, heart disease, and other diet-related illnesses, and avoid lifetimes of pills and health complications before people get sick.

The most affordable diet in America is processed junk food and it’s making people sick. In fact, diabetes and other diet-related illnesses have all reached historic levels. To make matters worse, the health care system is unable to prevent it. It only treats the symptoms once people are already sick. The only way to prevent diet-related illnesses like heart disease, diabetes and stroke, is a diet in healthy foods. But right now, healthy fresh fruits and vegetables are 3 times more expensive than processed food. Low income families need to make long term changes to their diets if there is any hope to curb the various health epidemics in America, but they are unable to afford it. A completely unique approach to promoting healthy foods had to be developed. The answer: Prescription Fruits and Vegetable Program, and it’s already launched in 9 states and counting.