Feminist Letters

The Feminist Letters is a typeface created to amplify the message advocating for gender equality.

Each letter and number is specifically designed with purpose, calling attention to the many issues of gender equality like equal pay, reproductive rights, women’s health, women in politics, and campus assault laws. Our typeface was created from the 26 unique issues of gender inequality to amplify our voices and be heard.

When represented in complete typographic form, the font displays a truly inclusive image of feminism. We created a platform that makes contacting senators easier and more impactful – on thefeministletters.com, feminists can download the font, tweet directly at their senators, learn about feminist issues, and make their voices heard in a typeface that really sends a message.

The Feminist Letters began at the Women’s March, where feminists across America marched with our letters. LuluLemon, a major sportswear brand, used our posters in storefronts during the Women’s March. On the official launch, The Feminist Letters font was picked up by feminists everywhere - It was adopted by partners Women of Sex Tech, Bustle, Bow & Drape, Unbound, Butter & Scotch, YOLA Mezcal, Terrorbird Media, female businesses, entrepreneurs, and influencers, all raising funds and awareness for Planned Parenthood of New York City.