She Runs It Honors 2018 Working Mothers

Dec 14, 2017

Each year, She Runs It, an organization celebrating women leading at all levels in marketing and media, recognizes a select group of exceptional professionals with the distinction of “Working Mother of the Year." The award celebrates Working Mothers who achieve outstanding business results while also serving as role models or mentors at work, at home and within their communities. 

We are thrilled to celebrate both Catherine Patterson, Director of Innovation at Y&R North America, and Madeline Park, Chief of Talent and Operations at Y&R Group who have been recognized for 2018.

Catherine is an extraordinary role model, prioritizing her son Nate’s needs while pushing the envelope and getting the job done. Long before experiential marketing and branded content, Catherine has been pioneering ways to merge culture with technology and storytelling. Since joining Y&R two years ago, she has initiated unexpected partnerships and collaborations that lead to best-in-class creative for clients. On any given day, she’s architecting complex proposals, elevating ideas, and taking time to mentor colleagues at all levels. Recently she oversaw the creation of a first-of-its-kind augmented reality app, The Whole Story, which allows users to place virtual statues of notable women alongside statues of men. She spearheaded a partnership with the 92nd Street Y to liberate creativity from the desk, bringing together 14 award-winning writers and creatives to explore the changing workplace for Xerox’s “Set the Page Free” project, and led the just-completed multi-city experiential art exhibition for Beefeater.

Catherine’s boundless energy is reflected in the experiences shared with her son — from the books they read to gaming and visiting art exhibits – they treasure the countless hours spent exploring New York together.

Madeline is driving positive change across Y&R and the industry as a longtime advocate for women of all ages and all walks of life. She has been a vocal leader building the foundations that support women in the workplace. And through it all, no matter how long or hectic the day gets she has made time for family and important milestone moments with her two sons, Ryan and Cullen.

Recently she spearheaded the launch of PowerOn, a program dedicated to reclaiming talent who have left the workforce to become fulltime caregivers. She developed Y&R Group’s bespoke Unconscious Bias training program designed to create awareness and solutions in the workplace that combat the negative effects of workplace bias. Madeline also oversees a client consultancy practice that utilizes Lean Six Sigma — a leading management methodology — to help clients improve their business operations. As the Y&R Group Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, Madeline has personally trained 1,200 Yellow Belts and 250 Green Belts.

Congratulations to Cat Pat and Madeline!

The official award ceremony will be held in New York in February.