Miss America “Miss Conceptions”

Aug 24, 2018

Miss America is, in many ways, the country’s first woman’s empowerment organization.

Begun 97 years ago-- the year after women won the vote--the not-for-profit organization was already giving women the microphone, national platforms and, not long after, generous scholarships to pursue higher education. These remarkable women have gone on to become surgeons, congressional seat holders, national journalists, social activists, CEOs and leaders in every field.

And yet, public perception is dominated by uninformed stereo-types of superficial, empty-headed, beautiful contestants who are just in it for the sparkly crown. The “Miss Conceptions” series takes these issues head on. Rather than us telling their story, we gave them the microphone to tell their own… in their own words. And, needless-to-say, they have a lot 

of them.