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56Thousand brands


25Years of brand data

BAV® is the world's largest and leading empirical study of brands.

We help our clients not only understand a brand against its category, but also provides insight into its larger role in culture. Developed with academic partners at Columbia, MIT, Dartmouth, and the University of Washington, BAV® uniquely captures the key dimensions that drive brand momentum, advocacy, and financial success in the marketplace.

How it works

BAV® measures brand qualities and metrics that drive marketplace success.

Brand Strength

Future growth potential


A brand's ability to capture attention in the cultural landscape. A powerful driver of curiosity, advocacy and pricing power.


How appropriate and meaningful a brand is to consumers. Drives brand consideration and trial.

Brand Stature

Current operating value


A measure of how highly regarded a brand is and how well it delivers on its promises. Leads to trial and commitment.


The depth of understanding people have of a brand – both its positive and negative information.

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About BAV Group

Y&R's BAV Group is a global strategic consultancy with expertise in corporate, brand and marketing strategies and customer insights. Using BrandAsset® Valuator, a proprietary brand management tool and global database of consumer perceptions of brands, BAV® informs strategic and creative development for clients that drive brand consideration, usage, sales and ultimately, shareholder value.